almost new year, new look!

 Hi everybody, we’ve got a new look!
Welcome. There are a couple of changes brewing here, and I’m thrilled about each and every one. Here’s some of the updates:

 First things first, meet Andrew. He’s our new look! Kidding, but he’s going to have a bigger presence, keep eating all the cookies, and chat about beer with you all. He is already mostly an integral part of this, so we’re making it official and now he’s also married to the blog! He’s clicking around behind the scenes, making pages easier to navigate, grouping things together so we can make all of the cookies, and making sure the system stays up and running.  If you’d like to know more about Andrew, check out our brand-spankin’ new about page. This page now features a picture of me in a feather boa… so maybe check it out?

Second – we’re excited to have a brand new look! I hope that it is easier to find things, better to look at, and cooler to click through.  It’s still in process, but we hope to land on the perfect blend soon. In the meantime, we’re planning on filling the few holiday weeks with goodies galore. As a snapshot of what you get to look forward to… I was covered in powdered sugar from fluffy marshmallows, I was popping champagne to make a cake, and Andrew spent quite a while sipping a very special hot chocolate. These recipes are all perfect for winter, perfect for our new look, and perfect for you.

Come hang!