french coffee

A coffee cocktail is probably all someone needs during the holidays. A little boost, a little kick, and a big dollop of whipped cream to finish it off. Enter French Coffee.

My parents have this old mixed drink book, and the dog-eared pages and aqua blue highlighter give clues to the drinks they were fond of years ago. My dad’s handwriting seems to circle rum drinks, preceding his current fondness for a good Dark and Stormy. There’s a highlighted blue frozen margarita, and a note by a heavy cream and kahlua concoction indicating that it was far too heavy for their refined palates. All in all, it’s one of my favorite reads.

Hiding out in a corner of that book, amid many references to crème de cassis and blue curaçao is this little gem of a drink. For a split second, I was skeptical of the orange and coffee, but I’m glad I tried.

After a quick Google search, I can’t confirm that French Coffee has any connection to France, but that doesn’t make it any less warming and delicious. Try it with some cappuccino tea cake, and huddle around a fire.. .or a nice candle. Take a deep breath, sip, and enjoy a pillow of whipped cream.

french coffee

1 cup of hot coffee – 10-12 oz
1.5 oz orange liqueur
1/2 cup of heavy cream


Whip the cream to soft peaks with a whisk. This will make more than you need, but it’s easier to whip a larger amount of cream. Make a drink for a friend.

Mix the coffee and the orange liqueur in a small coffee cup. Garnish with the whipped cream, and serve with coffee cake and chocolate covered espresso beans.

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