Time For A Beer, 1!

Welcome to Time For A Beer!!

This will be the weekly spot for beer discussions, pairing ideas, and other fun things having to do with the world of craft beer. To break into this shindig we are going to discuss a seasonal beer from Stone Brewing in California.

Beer Notes

Stone is one of the oldest, and largest craft breweries in the U.S.  Breaking ground in 1996, the brewery has continued to expand from self-distributing in Southern California to operating worldwide.  In 2014, they brewed  Xocoveza, an Imperial Stout inspired by Mexican hot chocolate.  With flavors of cinnamon, coffee, nutmeg, peppers, and of course, chocolate, the beer floored the brewers, and it has since been a seasonal release starting in October and running through the holidays.  With a dark pour, the beer makes for a full bodied glass that is great at any point of a night.

Pairing Notes

Chocolate and cinnamon are the heavy hitters here, really opening up your senses to enjoy the more subtle notes of nutmeg and vanilla. It’s almost like drinking a thin mole, and if you’ve ever had mole, I know we are on the same page for how amazing that would be. Also, I imagine having it with a tangy or spicy noodle dish, as the semi-sweetness from the cocoa would make a great balance with the spice, especially with the pasilla peppers that are in the beer.  Throw a little pork or super tender chicken in that bowl, you have yourself a delicious meal.

Xocoveza may really be at its strongest when enjoyed with dessert though! Either next to a bowl of vanilla ice cream, or poured over a bowl of vanilla ice cream if you are a bit adventurous ( I suggest being adventurous here!).

Well, until next time, enjoy a six pack of this seasonal beer! Really, run out and get it now, before it goes away until next year. Maybe even test out Stone’s Xocoveza Beer Nog! Who knows, you just might find yourself happily surprised with that one.



– Andrew

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