smart science: egg weights edition

Egg weights seem to always escape me. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve googled “how much does an egg white weigh”. Here’s how the story starts: I make something with egg yolks. Usually a pastry cream, and I put all the little egg whites in a ramekin, convinced I’ll use them in the next couple days. Disclaimer: 80% of the time they wither in the back of the fridge. But – inevitably, if I want to make something with them, I google the constant question. How much does an egg white weigh?

I’ll be assuming you’re using large eggs. That’s what most recipes call for, and what most people seem to buy. If you’re using different sized eggs when they call for large and things aren’t working as planned…well, don’t blame me. Buy large,¬† because they’re right there with the rest of the types. Here we go!

A large egg weighs about 50 grams, or 1.75 ounces, when it’s nude, without its shell. Some eggs will be a bit bigger, some a bit smaller, so it’s good to multiply the amount of eggs you need and just try and get to that total, and not worry so much about a gram here or a gram there. Within the egg, about one-third is the egg yolk, and two-thirds¬†is egg white. That means an egg yolk weighs 17 grams, or 0.55 grams. An egg white weighs 33 grams, or 1.2 ounces. I used my cunning and skills and made a useful infographic (infographic? how trendy! I used piktochart) about egg weights! This way, we’ll always know what’s up.

Print this baby out, hang it on the fridge, and stop googling anything about egg weights ever again. If you’re like me, this means less flour on the keyboard and butter on the phone screen, which is probably good for everyone’s sanity, wallets, and electronic happiness.

Now that you know all the ins and outs of weighing eggs, put it to the test! Make a pavlova – perhaps this one – but pile it high with winter citrus or figs or piles of salted caramel. You can do that now, since you know how to weigh out eggs! Have a beautiful week, friends.

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