smart science: egg weights edition

Egg weights seem to always escape me. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve googled “how much does an egg white weigh”. Here’s how the story starts: I make something with egg yolks. Usually a pastry cream, and I put all the little egg whites in a ramekin, convinced I’ll use them in the next couple days. Disclaimer: 80% of the time they wither in the back of the fridge. But – inevitably, if I want to make something with them, I google the constant question. How much does an egg white weigh?

I’ll be assuming you’re using large eggs. That’s what most recipes call for, and what most people seem to buy. If you’re using different sized eggs when they call for large and things aren’t working as planned…well, don’t blame me. Buy large,  because they’re right there with the rest of the types. Here we go!

A large egg weighs about 50 grams, or 1.75 ounces, when it’s nude, without its shell. Some eggs will be a bit bigger, some a bit smaller, so it’s good to multiply the amount of eggs you need and just try and get to that total, and not worry so much about a gram here or a gram there. Within the egg, about one-third is the egg yolk, and two-thirds is egg white. That means an egg yolk weighs 17 grams, or 0.55 grams. An egg white weighs 33 grams, or 1.2 ounces. I used my cunning and skills and made a useful infographic (infographic? how trendy! I used piktochart) about egg weights! This way, we’ll always know what’s up.

Print this baby out, hang it on the fridge, and stop googling anything about egg weights ever again. If you’re like me, this means less flour on the keyboard and butter on the phone screen, which is probably good for everyone’s sanity, wallets, and electronic happiness.

Now that you know all the ins and outs of weighing eggs, put it to the test! Make a pavlova – perhaps this one – but pile it high with winter citrus or figs or piles of salted caramel. You can do that now, since you know how to weigh out eggs! Have a beautiful week, friends.

things i’m thinking about

Hey guys! Here’s some beautiful flowers from Palermo, and some thoughts of mine this week.

2017-10-04 03.09.32 1.jpg

As always, it’s been awhile. I didn’t have time this week to whip up a recipe post – and my brain is so stuffed full of science I thought I wouldn’t bore you with whatever wisps happen to sneak out. They’re probably about plants, definitely about water, and possibly about fossils. Just good ole incoherent ramblings.

Instead, here’s some ideas for dinner, things I’ve been thinking about, and a technique I’m becoming obsessed with (hint it’s the one with eggs):

  • Here’s how to make a french omelette, aka my current obsession. I can’t even play it cool and dramatically move it to the end of the list, because all I want to do is talk about it.
    I like mixing herbs and aromatics into the eggs, and then sprinkling cheese on right before I roll it on up. My dinner omelette last night was scallions and basil in the eggs, with sharp cheddar cheese. Mmm so soothing for hearts and minds and so quick for dinner.
  • I always listen to Nicholas Kristof in the wake of horrible events. He always sets up a nice clear path: and after the Vegas shooting, this opinion piece is no exception. Let’s take some steps in the right direction, for once.
  • Helping feed Puerto Rico while eating food? Sounds pretty good to me. Can’t make it to a participating restaurant? Just donate directly to the World Central Kitchen.
  • Now that it’s getting chilly, let’s eat these tahini chocolate chip cookies warm out of the oven. Have a glass of wine with it, and impress your friends with your knowledge of how it came to taste that way. Greatest fall party trick ever.

stay sane, everybody. xo.

lox bagel salad


You know when you feel like a bagel but should definitely eat some greens? Me too.


I know that feeling oh so well – and I’m here for you today with a bagel salad, so that none of those feelings go without reward.


Smoked salmon meets tender greens. Red onions get soaked in a bit of water to soften the bite (though go without if you’re feeling spicy). Capers get sprinkled and eggs get soft boiled and peeled. Here we go, it’s happening. Bagels get chopped into little pieces, drizzled with oil, sprinkled with salt and toasted up til golden.


Mustard gets all mixed up with dill and oil to make a dressing fit for a king. You should probably start to make your own dressing – it’s easy and oh so good. My life has been one cake and event and work shift after another, so I can vouch for the simplicity of this salad. It’s easy. And it’s what you should have for dinner tonight. I’m not even going to give you perfect amounts for anything because it’s a salad and you can do this.


lox bagel salad

Greens (mixed greens, baby kale, arugula, your pick).
Smoked salmon
Red onion, sliced, and soaked in cold water
Bagels, any flavor, cubed.
Mustard-Dill Dressing (recipe follows).

Preheat oven to 350°F. Toss the bagel cubes with olive oil and salt and place in oven until golden, with a bit of give on the inside. This time can change based on how big your cubes are, so start checking at 10 minutes. Place salad, toppings, and croutons in the bowl (along with anything else you’re feeling like). Top with dressing and serve!

mustard dill dressing: makes a little over half a cup, multiply as needed

1/2 cup olive oil
1 clove garlic, minced
1 teaspoon dijon mustard
1 teaspoon whole grain mustard
2 teaspoons chopped dill
1/4 teaspoon salt
black pepper to taste